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How it all started?

"It was always been hassle to fill up the Medical Questionnaire forms & keeping all those records stored in an effective way"

My name is Tijl Van Den Berg. I've started making this Medical Questionnaire Product 2 years ago, with my IT Team after analyzing to meet the needs to ease paper work for practitioners or institutes providing medical health care services.

However fun and satisfying software should be easy & very simple to be used by everyone, So I had to constantly improve it's user experience, I was sunk in a productivity maze, which pulled me back from growing the business but now we are happy with our client base and their amazing feedback regarding our services.

So i've decided to make this SAAS model application public when i’ve come to realise that fellow practitioners all over the world faced similar challenges for maintaining paper work for their patients.

Getting on board on a new software is always scary for many people so we have overcome this part very well by adding our strong and very fast Import utility services you can import the files containing your patient's records in just ONE CLICK! & keep continuing the use of our services and our Background job processing services will import the data you and keep updating your with the progress no matter how big data it's just imported seamlessly and in the end gives you a full report.

Our Services are highly scalable and can handle the loads and performing 24/7 with blazing fast speed, we have highly smart load balancers which takes care of our users joining us from the different regions across the globe & we assure you that your data is at safe & trusted place (Munich/ Nuremberg)

We have very affordable plans of subscriptions & it comes with automated subscription renewal system so you won't get interrupted for billing etc, We support wide variety of payment Gateways which supports all modes of payments available for local and international customers, our aim is to provide services to the Health Providers so we are charging the most minimal prices which can be done to keep updating the system and it's availability round the clock for you.

Try us it won't be a overhead but an investment and will bring elegancy in your work.


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